Aberdeen Angus

The decision to breed Pedigree Aberdeen Angus here at Wildfell Farm was relatively easy:

Aberdeen Angus is a globally recognised breed which can easily adapt to many environments, can finish on grass, importantly for breeders and handlers have a good-natured temperament and already has an unparalleled World reputation for excellent beef quality. Here at Wildfell we want to be part of the driving force to improve the breed, it's branding and World standing here in the UK. We are members of the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society, our member number is 7246.

Aberdeen Angus

We currently have 300 pedigree Aberdeen Angus breeding females and 7 pedigree Aberdeen Angus stock bulls. Our herd is expanding rapidly and is now a closed herd which means that all our replacement stock will be home bred. We are striving to produce animals in the 1-10% of the breed Estimated Breeding Values.

We have an ongoing programme of Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transplantation where we have introduced some of the best of Australian, New Zealand and American Aberdeen Angus genetics, including from Australia Te Mania Berkley, Te Mania Nebo, Te Mania Legend, from New Zealand Tuwharetoa Regent, and from the best of American genetics Quaker Hill Blindside and Quaker Hill West Coast.

In Australia and America eating quality is recognised and rewarded. With the introduction of more Australian and American genetics, we are focusing our current and future breeding on the production of animals that are easy to calve, with high fertility, that are docile, milky and can finish off grass in the Summer, whilst producing highly marbled, tender beef resulting in a great eating experience.

Our current stock bulls are:


Our aim is to produce better cattle and better beef so all our customers will come back for more.