Wildfell Wagyu


We purchased our Wagyu stock bull Wildfell Sammyyano in April 2015. He is a full blood Wagyu bull whose genetics can be traced back to Japan. We also purchased 6 Wagyu x Aberdeen Angus females including his surrogate mother.

Wagyu is famed for its' highly marbled and tender beef and appears on menus in prestige and high-end restaurants around the world usually for eye watering prices. It is regarded as the ultimate beef eating experience and is cleverly marketed as having a "buttery mouth feel "to describe its taste and texture.
Wagyu yields a meat that contains a high percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. This is due to its' increased marbling which also improves the ratio of monounsaturated fats to saturated fats making it a healthier eating product compared to other red meat.

Sammy has been used for breeding with some of our pedigree Aberdeen Angus females to produce animals which are commercially suited to the UK market bringing the best of both breeds literally to the table. Cross breeding with our pedigree Aberdeen Angus females introduces some hybrid vigour into our new generation and with both breeds famed for beef with great flavour and texture we are producing potentially our very best beef.

As a breed Wagyu have very different characteristics to Aberdeen Angus. They are quirky, characterful, curious, agile, highly group oriented and they take longer to mature. The growing number we have are always entertaining and a pleasure to work with. By contrast our pedigree Aberdeen Angus females are more docile, compliant and highly maternal although they are equally curious.

We occasionally have a supply of finished Wagyu cattle steers for sale.

Please contact Chris Wilkinson 07795 098797.