Wildfell Aberdeen Angus large mixed Steak, Joints and Slow Cook Box 11kg minimum


free local collection or delivery within 20 mile radius of Ramsey

35 days dry aged

Delivery £25 to other parts of UK only

A large selection of Pedigree Aberdeen Angus Beef. Locally reared and grass fed in Ramsey Heights, this Beef will be tasty, succulent and nothing like supermarket offerings.

This box will contain 1kg prime Aberdeen Angus Sirloin Steak, 1kg prime frying steak, 1 single Bone in Ribeye approximately 1.2 -1.5kg, 2 Topside Joints approximately 3kg, 2kg stewing steak, 2kg Shin Beef and 1kg Minced Steak. 11kg minimum.