Wagyu x Aberdeen Angus

Introducing Wildfell Wagyu x Aberdeen Angus beef boxes for sale. This grass fed beef is bred outdoors and is 75% Wagyu and 25% Aberdeen Angus combining the very best traits of both breeds.

Wagyu is famed for its' highly marbled and tender beef and appears on menus in prestige and high-end restaurants around the world usually for eye watering prices. It is regarded as the ultimate beef eating experience and is cleverly marketed as having a "buttery mouth feel "to describe its taste and texture.

Wagyu yields a meat that contains a high percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. This is due to its' increased marbling which also improves the ratio of monounsaturated fats to saturated fats making it a healthier eating product compared to other red meat.

Crossing Wagyu with Aberdeen Angus produces fantastic beef in terms of flavour and tenderness bringing the best of both breeds literally to the table. We are producing potentially our very best beef. It's great beef and it's good for you.


A mixed box of 28 day aged Wildfell Wagyu Beef. Reared locally and grass fed. This premium beef will prove to be a truly delightful experience. Wagyu beef is world famous for it's taste and tenderness and is sold in…


A box full of juicy, tasty premium Wildfell Wagyu steaks. This beef is locally reared and grass fed. It is famous around the world for it's unique flavour and texture and is offered in high end restaurants for eye watering…


A box full of deliciously tasty Wildfell Wagyu premium steaks. approximately 7kg


This Wildfell Wagyu whole beef fillet is available to purchase on line for delivery. We have just 1 beautiful Wildfell Wagyu whole fillet available. This is supreme beef and will deliver a fantastic tasting and succulent dining experience.


Wildfell Wagyu Winter Warmer box containing an excellent selection of our premium Wagyu beef range. Perfect for slower cooked hearty meals to warm you up as Autumn sets in.


A selection of our Wildfell Wagyu Beef especially suited to low and slow cooking for delicious winter warming dishes.